Microsoft wouldn’t just make solutions for its native OS, but for others too. The firm just released a public preview of its Defender ATP for Linux. This will let the community, mostly security professionals and admins to experience and experiment the feature, to let know what Microsoft has to improve.

What this offering actually is?

By name, one could easily say it’s just another antivirus software. But this Advanced Persistent Threat (ATP) of Microsoft uses behaviour analysis in acting and flagging something.

Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux
Microsoft Defender ATP for Linux (Image via Cult of Mac)

For example, a PDF downloaded from an email should be opened in a PDF software in general, but it invokes the command prompt (used by hackers to dump malicious code), this Defender ATP immediately senses this and sent Microsoft’s cloud for analysis. This intimates the admin to act immediately and safeguard himself from being attacked.

This is really a useful product, considering current advanced techniques of attackers on vulnerable users. Anyone downloading an image from suspicious links and that infects their system, could lose their data to attackers in a matter of minutes and without the victim’s knowledge.

Available for 6 Linux distros

Microsoft has already given an idea about this program during its Ignite meet last year. It declared about working on a Defender ATP security program running on Ubuntu. It said, “We are announcing the public preview of preventative protection capabilities from Microsoft Defender ATP on the following supported Linux server distributed versions: RHEL 7+, CentOS Linux 7+, Ubuntu 16 LTS, or higher LTS, SLES 12+, Debian 9+, and Oracle EL 7.”

Defender ATP for Linux

This Defender ATP endpoint client lets admins access the antivirus command line, where he can send any detected threats to Microsoft Defender security centre. This enables admins to manage any threats they’ve detected. While this program is available for Linux distributions, for now, Microsoft is working on Android and iOS versions too! These offerings could be experienced later this year.


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