Months after the official announcement, Microsoft is finally bringing a native screen recorder to its Windows 11 devices in the beta channel.

As spotted in the Feedback Hub, Microsoft will add this native screen recorder to Snipping Tool – where users can try that for recording on-screen activities. Although, this could be jammed sometimes, considering it’s still in beta testing.

Microsoft Screen Recorder in Windows 11

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a new and native screen recorder for its Windows 11, even though it’s already having an Xbox Game Bar. Since it’s always necessary to have a native tool that’s only meant to serve one purpose, we waited for it throughout.

But, the company didn’t bring it even in the Windows 11 22H2 update. And just when we were running out of patience, Microsoft posted an update regarding this in its Feedback Hub, which was soon deleted.

But when it was up, the company promised to bring the tool to its Snipping Tool – where users can perform simple screen recorder actions. Well, this is first coming to the beta and production machines and later to the general public.

This new tool may not provide more features than just screen recording, but it’s fast and easy to operate. But if you want more than just a simple screen recorder, you can try third-party apps.

So if you’re interested, here’s how to try;

  1. Open Start menu > All apps > Snipping Tool.
  2. Select the record button and switch to Record mode from Snip mode.
  3. Click on the new +New button.
  4. Select a portion of the screen. To do this, simply click and hold, and drag the cursor across the screen.
  5. Select the desired area of the screen and release the mouse button.
  6. Resize the selected area.
  7. Select the Start button when you are satisfied with your selected area. This would be visible in the overlay menu.
  8. Once the countdown ends, the recording of the selected region will automatically begin.
  9. You can stop the record and save the captured footage by clicking on the red stop button in the overlay menu.

All the recordings you’ve done with this will automatically pop up in the Snipping Tool playback menu, which you can share with your friends and even edit in there.


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