As the norm of video conferencing is on the rise, Microsoft’s Teams, one of the major players in this field, is adding a much-needed feature – custom backgrounds for video callers. This includes not just custom wallpapers behind you, but also an option to blur the background. Further, there are also plans for background noise suppression, the introduction of single-click end meetings, participant reports, etc. coming this month and later.

Microsoft Teams Allow Users To Set Custom Backgrounds as Like Zoom
Microsoft Teams Allow Users To Set Custom Backgrounds as Like Zoom

Much Needed Features Coming This Month

Video conferencing apps are gaining much attraction than ever before. Well, they should, at least in these lockdown times. This caused the pioneers of this industry, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, etc. to embed many productive features to add and retain customers. In this pursuit, Microsoft Teams announces to add an essential element soon, as Zoom’s already having – Custom Backgrounds.

This will let you pick a solid color or something you like as your background during the video session. Microsoft said this feature would be coming in this month’s update, along with many other features. The team said there would be an option for the host to end the meeting at once, for all. This will be available as End Meeting in the control bar options if you’re already using an updated version. And for backgrounds, you can check the More Options in your call screen, where the opportunity for Show Background Effects will be found.

And in case you don’t like the custom background and still wanted to be good, there’s yet another option to blur the background using AI. This will make only you to be visible. Other features as Real-Time Noise Suppression, where the AI will automatically reduce the background disturbances to make your voice clear in the video, and Participants Report checking the login and logout details of your participants in your sessions. Most of these will be rolling out soon in this month’s update.

Source: Microsoft


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