As threat actors start sending their phishing or other malicious URLs through the Teams platform, Microsoft is adding support to let users report them to their security staff.

Letting the organization know would keep all safe from falling prey to any potential cyberattack. This will be added to the Microsoft Defender for Office 365 suite, which has a host of similar features to protect an organization.

Reporting Suspicious URLs in Teams

Adding yet another security layer to protect the organization, Microsoft is enabling support for a new reporting scheme in its Teams application – letting users report of any suspicious URLs they come across to their organization’s security teams.

This is similar to how we report of phishing or spam links in email clients, keeping the organization safer. Aside from links, they can report any suspicious messages too.

This feature is coming to the Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (formerly Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection or Office 365 ATP) – the suite that safeguards organizations from malicious threats.

Further, Microsoft is working to categorize the received reports from users – into spam, phishing, etc., accordingly. While this Submission support is already in preview and coming in January 2023, the new reporting scheme may take time to reach the regular users.

These are in addition to what Microsoft has been working on for the Defender for Office 365 suite. We currently have Safe Links – that scan the URLs in emails and other applications in real-time to ensure no bad clicks happen.

Further, there’s a Built-In Protection added to Defender for Office 365 in November 2021 that automatically enables recommended settings and policies for all new and existing users to set at least a basic level of protection.

This is followed by differentiated protection for priority enterprise accounts (like extra security for executive-level accounts) in January 2022, making them more secure.


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