Following Intel’s launch of a video upscaling tool for Chrome browser, Microsoft has now come up with its own similar technology called the Video Super Resolution for Edge browser.

Users meeting certain criteria – like using Edge Canary and having either Nvidia or AMD GPUs can enable this feature and upscale 720p videos to a better resolution. Well, this is currently available to only 50% of the Edge testers on desktop, while laptop users have to wait a bit longer.

Video Upscaling in Edge Browser

Intrigued by the announcement of Intel of a new Video Super Resolution (VSR) for the Chrome browser, Microsoft has come up with its own solution – made especially for the Edge browser. This proprietary technology can help users upscale a video to a high resolution – offering a better experience.

Microsoft noted that any video that’s under 720p resolution and not less than 192p (height and width) could be turned into a better one with the help of AI. Though you don’t have any content to play with, enabling this will enhance the text visibility in Edge.

Well, interested users have to be eligible in certain ways to experience this feature – primarily be running on the Edge Canary version and have either Nvidia (RTX 20 Series and newer) or AMD (RX5700 and newer) GPUs in their systems. One limitation the company noted – is that this feature won’t work on DRM-enabled content like copyrighted materials of Netflix, Prime Video, or Hulu.

Also, users need to connect their systems to an AC adapter while using this feature: as it may consume a large amount of continuous power. Systems running on battery will not be able to access the capability. Though this cuts a large part of the laptop market – with Nvidia and AMD GPUs – Microsoft said it’s planning to support the discrete and integrated GPUs soon.

If you can’t wait to check this already on your laptop, Microsoft suggested changing the Windows settings to force Edge to run on your discrete GPU. But if you qualify with the above-mentioned requirements, you can enable this by going through edge://flags/#edge-video-super-resolution.

Well, we warn you to proceed with caution while trying the experimental features since they may sometimes result in adverse effects.


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