Microsoft, in its latest Windows 11 Insider build, is adding support for Passkeys, which lets users sign in to supported apps and websites without their regular passwords.

The big tech has recently extensively promoted passkeys, as they remove the hassle of remembering your passwords and avoid falling prey to phishing attacks. Users can register their passkeys on supported apps and access them with Windows Hello options later.

Passkeys Login in Windows 11

To the unknown, Passkeys are a new way of authenticating yourself into a website or an app that’s more secure and easy than the current password-based system. Passkeys got unique codes linked to specific devices like computers, tablets, or smartphones, and the user logging into an account on these devices doesn’t need to use regular passwords. Instead, he can use the device’s biometrics to login in easily.

These can be either fingerprints, facial recognition or a PIN. And this method significantly reduces the risk of data breaches, as there’s no text password involved. All the passkeys are stored within the device’s vault and pop up only when necessary. Microsoft and Apple have long advocated this sign-in method and incorporated it into most of their services.

Well, Microsoft is now bringing this support to its Windows 11 through an Insider Preview Build 23486 release, where users can add passkeys and log in with them on eligible apps and websites through Windows Hello options.

“Once a passkey is created, users can use Windows Hello (face, fingerprint, PIN) to sign in. In addition, users can use their phone to complete the application logon process.”

Some popular sites like,, or already support passkeys, letting users sign in quickly and securely. If you don’t have one, log in to any of these websites or apps initially with a regular password, go to Account Settings and enable passkeys.

Once done, they’ll be stored in your Windows Settings > Accounts > Passkeys, where you can manage all of them quickly. Check for all the saved Passkeys and delete the unwanted ones.