Microsoft reportedly withdrew an option for Windows 11 update this month after users reported it breaking their system.

Many noted that Windows 11 KB5029351 is causing BSOD errors after downloading, especially on systems with MSI motherboards. While the specific cause of this is still unknown, Microsoft has pulled down the update as a caution. It’s unknown if the company is working on an alternative, although it’ll bundle it in the next update.

Windows 11 Update Causing BSOD

Following its routine of passing two monthly updates, Microsoft released the second and optional update to eligible Windows 11 users this Tuesday, named KB5029351. While it’s slated to fix bugs and add new features, the update is causing BSOD issues in some devices, say users.

Mostly affecting the systems with MSI motherboards, the Windows 11 KB5029351 is flagged as a system-breaker by many, who noted issues with an “Unsupported Processor” flash after installing the update.

While the exact reason for this issue is still unknown, Microsoft said it’s investigating the matter and pulled down the update from general availability. Several users noted that KB5029351 was unavailable to them, even after scanning for a new update in Settings.

While it’s if Microsoft is working on an alternative update, the company will bundle it in the next update – September’s First Tuesday patch. But if you can’t wait until then and run on non-MSI motherboards, you’re safe to install KB5029351, as it brings a lot of fixes and improvements.

Microsoft, in its support notes, said the update adds support for a search flyout in Taskbar that lets you access the search by hovering over it.

Further, the update also fixed issues with the search icon, search app, TAB critical bug, and the problem that broke Narrator, preventing it from identifying the search box on the taskbar.