Aside from being one of the popular games in the gaming community, Minecraft hit a new record today on YouTube! The world-building game has crossed over 1 trillion views on YouTube, from all the videos made by thousands of creators.

YouTube said there are over 35,000 channels across 150 countries actively making videos on Minecraft, pushing its popularity over and over. Minecraft’s maker is bought by Microsoft in 2014 and crossed several milestones in the open-world gaming segment.

The popularity of Minecraft on YouTube

For any game to get popular, it should be widely played by the community. That’s not all, but streaming that game’s play on social platforms too can boost the game’s popularity if it’s made creative enough. Minecraft is one such game having a vibrant community.

Content creators on YouTube playing and streaming Minecraft are coming up with new plans, with some creating contests and others holding events. The world-building game is typical when launched over a decade ago, letting players make their own world and let others enjoy it.

And the very first videos of Minecraft have arrived on YouTube in 2009. Since then, many are playing the game and created typical videos of their in-game creations to show off to the world. Observing this, Microsoft brought Mojang Studios, maker of Minecraft in 2014 for a whopping $2.5 billion and pushed its growth in all verticals.

From PC to consoles and phones to tablets, Minecraft is today available on all devices. And on YouTube, it’s being played by over 35,000 creator channels from over 150 countries. This amounted to the total views of all videos made up to date cross over one trillion views, says YouTube.

Minecraft in terms of popularity sits on par with Tetris, Mario, and Grand Theft Auto, but none of its rivals has achieved this milestone yet. While it’s played by over 140 million people worldwide now, content creators on YouTube are cashing its popularity through sponsorships, ads, or splitting the revenue with YouTube.


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