As a movie lover, some must-have apps are developed to streamline your movie-watching experience. If you haven’t come across such apps, then there’s a lot you’re missing out on.

Watching movies has been something we do during our leisure time. But these days, there are a lot of blockbuster titles and it’s tough to keep up with them. From knowing what to watch, finding the latest release and reading other people’s reviews, it’s a lot of work.

The good news is that there are apps that’ll streamline user’s experience on their smartphones. In this article, we’ve curated the best must-have apps for movie lovers. Each one caters for movie recommendations, reviews and a lot more.

Best Must-Have Apps for Movie Lovers

If you’re a movie lover and you don’t have these apps, there’s a lot you’re missing out on. Whether you watch on your Android or iPhone, these apps cover movies and TV series.

1. IMDb

IMDb App

One of the best databases for movies is IMDB, it’s a go-to app for movie information. As a movie lover, this is one of the recommended apps you should install on your smartphone.

Using IMDB makes it easier to explore info on cast, crew, reviews, and ratings. Also, the app covers everything about movies, TV shows, and celebrities.

Everything about the IMDb app always comes with accuracy. This allows it to help you make informed decisions on what to watch. Besides, the friendly interface of the app makes it easier to use.

Download for Android and iOS

2. Letterboxd


Letterboxd is a social platform made for every movie lover. With this app, you can track films you’ve watched, create a watchlist, and explore new titles. What makes it unique is how it allows connection with other movie lovers.

As a user on Letterboxd, you’ll be able to connect to fellow movie lovers, share reviews, and get accurate updates on the latest releases, From action, adventure, crime or drama, Letterboxd covers all.

In addition to using Letterboxd, you can engage in conversations with other users. There are a lot of curated lists of blockbusters that’ll keep you on edge.

Download for Android and iOS

3. The Movie App

The Movie App

Next on the list is an app that’ll never let you miss out on popular movies and TV series. The Movie App lets you discover the latest titles under different categories. You can search based on the actor’s name, movie title and other factors.

One of the cool features of this app is how it allows reading the biography and filmography of any actor. This approach makes it easier for you to know what a movie is about before watching it.

Furthermore, it offers recommendations on similar movies and TV shows. While using it, you can create a list of titles and add them to your watchlist. It’s a must-have app for a movie lover.

Download for iOS

4. Netflix


With popular titles like Stranger Things, One Piece, Wednesday, etc. All coming from Netflix, there’s no doubt it is the perfect app to explore an extensive library of movies, TV shows, and original content.

Netflix is no doubt a very popular streaming platform and that’s what makes it unique. Over the years, it has continued to be a top choice for every movie lovers worldwide.

While the app doesn’t offer free streaming, a monthly subscription is all you need to get started. In addition, it comes with a friendly interface; you’ll find it easy to navigate and get movie recommendations.

Download for Android and iOS

5. Fandango


If you never want to miss out on any movie as soon as they hit the cinemas. Fandango is your go-to app because it allows you to book movie tickets, showtimes, and exclusive content.

You’ll surely want to have this app installed on your device because it simplifies the process of planning a movie night out. Aside from that, it allows browsing movie showtimes and watch trailers.

Fandango integrates with popular theatres, which makes it a needed app for planning movie outings. For those who enjoy the thrill of watching movies on a big screen, here’s an app you’ll love.

Download for Android and iOS

6. Kanopy


Another app on the list that is considered an important app for movie lovers is Kanopy. It operates as a streaming service that offers an extensive collection of films, documentaries, and educational content.

All content on Kanopy is accessible through participating libraries and educational institutions. It’s unique because you don’t need to pay any fee to access content on it.

While Kanopy isn’t an ideal choice for binge-watching popular titles, it is a great choice for documentaries and instructional videos.

Download for Android and iOS

7. JustWatch 


As an avid movie lover, JustWatch is one of those apps that needs to be installed on your phone. It’s needed because it simplifies one’s streaming experience by providing an ultimate guide to movies and TV shows.

JustWatch focuses on making sure you get the best streaming experience. Moreover, it fetches content from different streaming platforms. This app will help you find where to watch your favorite titles legally.

In addition, JustWatch offers a search engine for streaming platforms. You’ll be able to find a specific movie or TV show to know if it’s available. Furthermore, it allows setting custom filters based on preferred streaming services.

Download for Android and iOS

8. RunPee


RunPee is an app that also makes sense to use on every movie occasion. This app is unique for those who often have pee times during movies. RunPee allows you to know when it’s appropriate to take a break during movies.

Every week, there are plenty of movie updates that sync on the app. You’ll get an accurate synopsis with each pee time. Also, it’ll allow you to know everything you need to know before a movie starts.

Using RunPeed ensures you’ll never get to miss any important moments in a movie. It summarizes what you missed and it ensures you’re always on edge even during potty breaks.

Download for Android and iOS


Frankly speaking, nothing feels better than having a well-curated list of apps to help streamline one’s movie experience. From social platforms and streaming services, every movie lover needs one of these apps.


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