Streaming service apps have been around for decades, but in the last few years, the growth of streaming apps has been phenomenal. And their services are getting better and better every single day.

Presently, you may find dedicated streaming apps for different genres. Whether you want to watch sports or news, you will get dedicated streaming apps for sports and news. Similarly, movie streaming apps are also available in a large number.

Therefore, finding the suitable one as per our movie test becomes harder. If you are one of those who are hunting for the best free movie streaming apps for Android, then we got you covered here.

Best Free Movie Streaming Apps for Android

Among numerous apps, how to select the best free movie streaming apps for Android? You can justify them by testing its user interface, features, stability, security, uptime, etc.

But how many apps will you test? Thus, we have come up with this curated list to help you to select the ideal one for you.

1. Crackle

crackleLet’s start with Crackle movies, where you can find hundreds of Hollywood movies free of cost. Not only movies but also on-demand TV shows and web series are available. It provides subtitle features to make all movies relevant to a wider audience.

To begin with, Crackle, you don’t create an account there. The user interface and experience are simply superb. Other than that, few ads will come in between videos. Otherwise, everything is well and good about Crackle.

2. Yidio

Yidio app

Yidio is a popular movie-streaming app for Android users. The app is known for its remarkable service in accessing other streaming services, such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime videos, in one place.

Yidio has several standout features that differentiate it from other apps, like personalized suggestions and watchlists. Moreover, its personalized daily reminder is also a useful feature to utilize.

3. PlutoTV

Pluto TV

PlutoTV is one of the leading movie streaming apps with 100s of live TV channels and 1000s of movies and TV shows. And all these services are accessible without credit cards, contracts, or bills.

Depending on your mood, you can switch from a movie to live TV anytime. Needless to say, PlutoTV has an incredible resource for Spanish movies, so if you want to watch Spanish content, the app is deliberately dedicated to you. Moreover, PlutoTV is compatible with many devices.

4. Vudu


If you are looking for fewer ads free movie streaming app, there is nothing like the Vudu app. Unless ads, there are many more things to talk about, video quality is one of them, and you can 1080p movies as usual.

Along with video quality, Vudu has done exceptional work on audio quality as well. Guess what? It supports Dolby Atmos sound quality. Another good thing is that you don’t have to pay for registration there.

5. Tubi

TubiTubi is one of the best free movie streaming apps for Android smartphones, considerably available for iOS as well. You will get various types of movies such as horror, romance, animes, documentaries, and many more from different film industries.

Besides this, Tubi has separate sections for kids. Moreover, all its content comes with high-quality video and audio to provide an outstanding experience. Each Friday, Tubi adds new content by following the time and trend.

6. Popcornflix

PopcornflixNext, Popcornflix is a sublime movie streaming app that you should consider without hesitation. According to the platform, there are hundreds of movies to watch, including TV shows, crime, sports, action, drama, horror, documentaries, thriller, sci-fi movies, and many more.

Popcornflix is significantly well organized and has a clean user interface. Thus, they kept the TV show in different sections. The best thing about the app is that the app is free.

7. FilmRise

filmrise With over 1 million downloads on Play Store, FilmRise has a bold claim to be on the list. Use this app to watch full movies in HD quality and superb sound configuration without burning your wallet. Isn’t that impressive enough to binge-watch?

More features are available in FilmRise to utilize, such as the IMDB popularity checker, recently played playlists and subtitles in videos. However, popular TV shows like Hell’s Kitchen, Batman, Lost in Space, and Forensic Files are free to watch.

8. YouTube

YouTubeGenerally, YouTube is one of the biggest online streaming platforms. A mammoth portion of its content is around movies. So watching movies on YouTube is another significant way. However, you will find paid movies along with freebies.

Since YouTube is widely popular across the globe, therefore you will find any regional movie to international movie within a few minutes. Here are some movie channels where you can watch movies for free: Movie Central, Horror Central, and PizzaFlix.

9. Plex

PlexWhether you want to watch TV shows or movies, Plex can be a perfect app. Along with that, this app has a vast library of movies as well that is ideal for movie buffs. Moreover, with over 50,000 on-demand also at hand to watch anytime.

In addition, Plex has more than 300 channels to choose from. Even if you want to sort your media library with Plex, you can do this comfortably. Above all, Plex is a wholesome movie-streaming app for all ages people. And thanks to its intuitive user interface.

10. Redbox

RedboxRedbox is another considerable movie app that you should consider. In the app, you can watch free and paid movies accordingly. However, Redbox has great sources of many types of movies, including Oscar winners, kids’ movies, comedies, indie films, musical biopics, and horror.

Apart from this, it has all popular live TV channels of news, sports, and entertainment. Moreover, a separate catalog for free on-demand videos is surely one of the finest things about the app. Again, the developer has done a nice job on its user interface and experience.

Final Words

This is our curated list of the best movie streaming apps for Android. Every app has made different distinct, but all of their origins are the same to provide movies to users. Above all, which app are you willing to use? Let us know in the comment section.