Mozilla has released Firefox v91 with two new privacy-focused features – default HTTPS mode and an Enhanced Cookie Clearing.

While the former forces users to try the HTTPS versions of a webpage rather than the insecure HTTP mode, the latter feature is about dumping all the cookies when the user enabled the Enhanced Cookie Clearing system.

Firefox V91 New Features

Firefox browser’s new version v91 has significant privacy-focused features brought in by Mozilla. For example, the browser now has an Enhanced Cookie Clearing system, which, if enabled, will flush out all the cookies and supercookies after the session.

First introduced in Firefox 86 as the Total Cookie Protection, this will now be triggered automatically when you enable the Strict Tracking Protection in the browser.

Apart from this, Mozilla is making the browsing experience safer by loading the HTTPS versions of websites, if available, when the user searches for them. As this is a more secure form than the regular HTTP version, Firefox enables it by default.

The same is being followed by Microsoft’s Edge and Google’s Chrome browsers, too, for quite a time. However, while Firefox too has an inbuilt option to force the browser to lookout for HTTPS versions of a website, it’s been an option till now.

As it’s now made default, any website you visit will force the browser to lookout for a secure HTTPS version of it and load it. If not available, it will fall back to HTTP mode.

Further, Mozilla said browsing websites in private mode would have the new features;

To browse in Firefox private mode, click Cmd + Shift + P on macOS or Ctrl + Shift + P shortcuts on Windows. Or try going through the hamburger menu (☰) on the top right and choose “New Private Window.”


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