Mozilla has launched the next version of its browser, Firefox v81 today. This new upgrade has significant changes made to the Download section, tabs management, auto-filling credentials, notifications. Mozilla has included an in-app review prompt to ask users rare in on Play Store and tuned the browser to give new search experience.

Firefox 81 Launched With Several New Features

Mozilla has been discredited for its version 79 which bought few bugs. Though it released the version 80 earlier this month for addressing some of those user complaints, all those one-star ratings marked by aggrieved users of version 79 are still available in the Playstore. Thus, to turn them up, Mozilla has made the Firefox new version more interesting.

Firefox 81 for Android
Firefox 81 for Android

Version 81 of Firefox has a handful of features to talk about. Starting from the downloads, it has set a dedicated page for the downloads you made on the browser. This Download page can be found from the options. Also, there’s an external download manager too. A new option called Open in App is set which prompts users whenever there’s a native app on the phone.

Also, the new Firefox can now close the tab automatically. Users just need to set the frequency to auto clear the pending tabs in the browser, which could be a week, day, or a month. Also, Mozilla has set a Rate on Google Play option to prompts users to elevate their Playstore ratings. Others changes include the following in Firefox v81;

  • New search experience.
  • Select from multiple logins for a website for autofill.
  • Top sites from frequently opened sites, setting to toggle top sites and swipeable Top Sites carousel
  • Download improvements mozilla-mobile/android-components
  • Surface notification controls in Firefox settings
  • Close tabs automatically after a certain amount of time passed
  • Disable autocomplete
  • Unlock previously set Primary Password if set.

If you’re not able to find the latest version of Mozilla’s Firefox 81 version on Playstore yet, you can download it from the APKMirror.


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