The ongoing pandemic is a never-before opportunity for cybercriminals. A report from Mimecast says it found over 700 websites impersonating the popular streaming service, Netflix. Further, there also few sites mimicking the latest Disney+ too. Hackers here would craft a similarly looking website to steal users’ sensitive information like credit card data and other identifiable personal data.

700+ Fake Netflix and Disney+ Sites in just a week!

Mimecast is an email security firm, handling cloud-based security solutions for many companies. An analysis from it revealed that around 700 websites were made in from April 6th to Easter, to bluff users who turn to online entertainment sources amidst lockdown.

Many countries around the world have imposed nationwide lockdowns to stop the spreading of Coronavirus. And this led many to rely on OTT platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, etc. for entertainment. While this sudden surge has multiplied their earnings and user base, it also costs many for falling into traps laid by hackers.

Netflix and Disney+ Fake Sites Are Rising Due to Lockdowns
Netflix and Disney+ Fake Sites Are Rising Due to Lockdowns

Causing on the sudden surge of OTT platforms, hackers are crafting legitimately looking websites of Netflix and Disney+ for impersonation. While few are detectable, many are crafted masterly to look nothing suspicious. And urged users who simply sign-up without scrutinizing the site, shall lose their sensitive data submitted in those websites. Collecting hundreds of thousands of such, a hacker can sell the bundle in underground forums.

Mimecast said there were at least 700 websites found mimicking Netflix, and four websites cloning Disney+, claiming to offer free accounts in return for submission of details. Carl Wearn, head of e-crime at Mimecast said,

“We have seen a dramatic rise in suspicious domains impersonating a variety of streaming giants for nefarious purposes.”

As many companies are jumping onto on-demand content steaming services like Apple TV+, NBC Universal’s Peacock, Hulu, Prime, etc., users need to be more aware as hackers got plenty of opportunities to exploit.

Via: The Guardian


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