A report from Apptopia states that less than 1% of Netflix premium subscribers play the games – which Netflix launched to spur its content craze.

The number recorded is about 1.7 million people playing the Netflix games daily, which is negligible considering its 221 million subscribers worldwide. Yet, Netflix’s COO said they’re optimistic about this fun offering and intend to add more games soon.

Netflix Games Are a Flop

With the OTT space cooked up by a number of platforms recently, pioneers like Netflix are thinking out-of-the-box to stay afloat. And one way they followed is the introduction of games based on their own content – to keep people interested in their offerings.

The platform currently has about 24 games, with plans of adding more to the catalog over time, says Netflix Chief Operating Officer Greg Peters.

“We’re going to be experimental and try a bunch of things. But I would say the eyes that we have on the long-term prize really center more around our ability to create properties that are connected to the universes, the characters, and the stories that we’re building.”

As they’re aiming for reaching 50 games by this year’s end, there seems to be no interest from the community on this! A report by Apptopia noted that around 1.7 million people play Netflix games daily. That’s less than 1% of the total Netflix premium subscribers (221 million) around the world.

As it seems minuscule, Netflix betting on this seems unreasonable. Netflix games come at no cost than the premium subscription a user posses and include no ads too. Yet, they’re neglected by people.

May the platform surveys this and consider what the community really cares about. While it’s reasonable that Netflix should include some unique offering to stand out, building games around its content may not be the way Netflix is better at.

Well, the platform announced plans for cracking password sharing and even introducing an ad-tier plan at a cheaper cost. So hopefully, we can see Netflix gaining its ground by playing normally as rivals.


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