As Netflix continues to venture into the gaming space, the OTT platform is testing new possibilities to spread its gaming fan base.

The latest in this pursuit is by bringing its games (based on its copyrighted content) to TVs. And a new leak in the Netflix iOS app shows that these devices can be used as controllers for playing Netflix games on TVs!

Netflix Gaming on TVs

Seeing how competitive and stagnant the OTT market is, the industry giant Netflix has decided to try something new and keep its superior position in the market. And this is by introducing video games based on their proprietary content – so it can keep users talking about them even if there’s a sequel coming up.

May this have worked fairly well, as Netflix is investing heavily in game development in recent months While it continues to add more and more titles, the company is also focusing on expanding these games’ availability on TVs, aside from just smartphones.

In this pursuit, the Netflix iOS app is found to have a code that revealed the device being used as a controller for TV games! As surfaced by app developer Steve Moser, a line in the app read “A game on your TV needs a controller to play. Do you want to use this phone as a game controller?”

Though this would take some time to materialize, an option as such would definitely help Netflix increase its gaming population. More than a year and a half after their launch, Netflix Games are still only available to Android and iOS smartphones. Similar to Apple Arcade, there are no ads, additional fees, or in-app purchases included in the games.

So bringing these games to TVs with iPhones being used as remote controllers will do better for the company’s plans. If this works out, we can expect the platform to launch a cloud gaming service – thereby bringing more games to anyone with weak hardware.


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