After months of testing with limited people, Netflix is increasing its Preview Club members by adding tens of thousands more.

The Netflix Preview Club will allow selected users to review Netflix Originals before their official public launch and provide feedback to the platform. This may be used by the content makers to tune it further as per reviewers’ interests or release it as it is.

Netflix Preview Club Expansion

With the OTT space heating up with the tough competition, all the involved platforms are coming up with new ideas to stand out. And Netflix, being the market leader for so long, has introduced mini-games based on its originals to lure more people.

While this may not be a big hit, the company is trying yet another plan – fine-tuning its content to adapt to viewer interests, based on some expert feedback. Calling this the Netflix Preview Club, the platform will allow select people to view its Originals before the regular public does and review them.

Netflix started this with a group of 2,000 people earlier this year and now planning to expand with tens of thousands of other subscribers – reports The Wall Street Journal. The company thinks this is a “simple but incredibly important part of creating best-in-class content for you (users) and Netflix members all around the world.”

Club members who previewed the content will have to provide their feedback to the platform – which Netflix may share with the concerned creators to tune it as needed or leave it as is. This technique has worked for Netflix, with one example being Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence’s Don’t Look Up movie being tuned to include more comedic elements based on preview users’ notes.


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