Lately, Apple is facing a lot of heat from regulators around the world, regarding its unfair monopoly status in the app market. This led the company to change its Appstore policies in a few countries.

And failing it resulted in either bans or fines. The Dutch consumer watchdog has done the same, fining Apple for a sum of €5 million this week as it failed to properly let its dating apps use a third-party payment means in Appstore. The authority said this fine would continue every week until Apple makes reasonable changes.

Fining Apple For Improper Policies

What started as a petty revolt by Epic Games earlier has now turned into a huge revolution around the world. Developers around the world are constantly pushing Apple to change its Appstore policies, as the company taking a 30% cut from developers revenue is deemed unreasonable.

While Apple mended a few policies to appease the small developers, market regulators around the world are pressuring Apple to let developers set up their desired payment means, instead of using Apple’s default gateway. In these terms, many countries have warned Apple to ban if didn’t comply.

And countries like South Korea have won too, but with some catches. Now, the Netherlands is pushing against Apple for similar actions. As per reports, the Dutch Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has fined Apple for a sum of €5 million this week, for failing to comply with its rules.

The regulator has earlier ordered Apple to let dating apps developers use third-party payment options, to which Apple complied softly. The company has made according to changes too last week, but they’re deemed as unsatisfactory by the Netherlands ACM. Thus, it was fined!

Calling the recently updated changes as “That is not allowed,” the ACM said Apple will continue paying a fine of €5 million every week, upto a threshold of €50 million, until they make proper changes.


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