WhatsApp brings a new statistics dashboard feature to its platform, which shows how much data it has consumed, and files that users can delete save up space. This new feature is fed into the Storage Usage section, which gets revamped in the v2.20.201.9. The feature also tells the storage used by all chats, giving more glimpse of usage.

WhatsApp Gets Redesigned Storage Usage Section

WhatsApp New Features
WhatsApp New Features

As teased by WaBetaInfo earlier, WhatsApp is now getting a redesigned Storage Usage section to show more detailed statistics. This is tweeted by WhatsApp, confirming this feature’s availability in its latest update of version This section now includes a storage management tool, which divides the usage statistics for better understanding.

The new UI is divided into three sections, one showing the storage status bar between WhatsApp and total devices, the other as Review and Delete Items, and finally a Chat-wise storage usage statistics.

Detailing more, the status bar shows how much the WhatsApp media has occupied from the total device storage and the availability of free space.

The next part is the Review and Delete Items, further divided into two sections as Foreward Files and Large Files, which lets the user check and delete unnecessary files. Forwarded files include the repeatedly forwarded Files, thus deleting the duplicates, whereas the Large Files include files over 5MB.

And the last part includes the Chats, which shows the amount of storage used by individual chats. These statistics give detailed information on how the storage is being consumed and delete them in an informed way. If you’ve got the latest versions of WhatsApp already, head onto Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage to see the new window.


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