NewPipe, an unofficial YouTube client, is now having big improvements made in its latest update. The new version 0.20.3 released yesterday makes YouTube videos in the app load faster. Further, it added support for closing the embedded player directly with a two-finger swipe.

NewPipe New Update Released

NewPipe Latest Update Loads YouTube Videos Much Faster

Open-source tools are often applauded for two big reasons – transparency and community contribution. Developers taking help from the community and embedding them into their platforms are so appreciated, as it also makes them closer to users. NewPipe, an Android-only YouTube client, follows the same suite.

NewPipe developers have added unified video player UI in an earlier version and now came up with even more useful features. First of them is the support of closing an embedded YouTube video with a single command – by down-swiping the video with two fingers. Earlier, it has to be swiped down to minimize and then again to close.

While this cuts the process from two gestures to one, a notable improvement seen in the latest version of NewPipe is the speed loading of YouTube video! Thanks to YouTube for removing the obfuscation URLs on most of its videos, making the NewPipe access them easier, thus faster. Yet, NewPipe says, “The deobfuscation code is still cached in case it is needed.”

Other notable changes include adding a button to erase the reCAPTCHA cookies at once, setting a unified enqueuing option instead of many, support for YouTube Short URLs and shortened channel links like” etc.

Besides these new features, it had fixed infinite buffering, VideoDetailFragment issue, crashing when the stream was paused and fast forward / rewind buttons were clicked, etc. Try the latest version of NewPipe (0.20.3) here: NewPipe APK l GitHub.


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