Nintendo, ranked as third by the popularity in console gaming space, is having a new problem to deal with. Many users of Nintendo were found getting their accounts hacked and being used for purchasing games and Fortnite currency.

This was realized when many users are posting their hacked stories on social media, and claiming they’re accessed from unknown IP addresses. While there’s no official information about how the accounts are being hacked, Nintendo suggested users set two-factor authentication for safeguarded accounts until known.

Nintendo Hacked Accounts Were Used to Buying Fortnite Currency
Nintendo Hacked Accounts Were Used to Buying Fortnite Currency

Breaching In, Purchasing Out!

Nintendo is a popular gaming option among Asian nations and seen as the best alternative from Sony’s PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox. While most have been relying on online games and other entertainment amidst this pandemic, there’s a rise of Nintendo users reporting a new problem on social media platforms. According to the reports, users’ Nintendo accounts were getting hacked, as some unknown IP addresses are logging to account from different parts of the world.

Further, the unknown intruder is also purchasing other games and V-Bucks (online money of Fortnite) by users’ set payment methods like cards or PayPal! This was seen as a serious concern, as the members reporting these issues are growing since early March. While there’s an official investigation that is yet to happen, ZDNet has found few linking incidents of some hackers selling V-Buck in the dark web, mostly via these hacked Nintendo accounts!

Ads for selling V-Bucks
Ads for selling V-Bucks

“Once Bought, I Will Login And Buy You The Specified Amount Of V-Bucks You Wanted/Needed,” one ad read in a dark forum. High profile accounts like ArsTechnica’s game reviews editor and the founder of the LootPots gaming news site were also intruded in the same way.

Nintendo has advised users on Reddit and Twitter to review their account activity if found something suspicious and enable 2FA for better security. It’s highly recommended to change passwords and logout from all those devices and accounts where the same password was used.

Via: ZDNet


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