After breaking the ground on Earth, Nokia is now trying to establish its presence on the moon, soon. The company has partnered with NASA and SpaceX to deliver its LTE equipment to the moon, by the end of this year.

This will enable us and the organizations on Earth to communicate with those on the moon, one day. Although, this would initially be used for passing critical information from lunar projects to NASA on Earth while supporting communications between astronauts.

Nokia’s 4G Network on Moon

Nokia has been a market leader in mobiles during the early 21st century before smartphones from various other OEMs took over the industry. Yet, the Finnish brand has garnered strong goodwill among many households, while its network business is even thriving.

And to improve itself, Nokia is making a huge leap in the telecom world – by setting up its LTE network on the moon. As announced today, Nokia will send its 4G equipment to the moon (more specifically, to the Shackleton crater) by the end of this year – via a SpaceX rocket.

This is as per NASA’s plan of testing the LTE network communications that we’ve been relying so much on Earth. This mission would provide a way of “enhancing lunar discoveries,” says Nokia. As a part of it, the company will send an “antenna-equipped base station stored in a Nova-C lunar lander, as well as by an accompanying solar-powered rover.”

The LTE connection will be connected between the lander and the rover, so it can pass back any details it collected over its course of roam. And then for selecting the Shackleton crater because of the crater’s large rim circle – which is always exposed to sunlight, thus providing constant solar energy to the rover to roam around.

While you’re thinking about the possibility of space tourists making TikTok videos on the moon, NASA would initially use this technology to only test some critical communication projects. Some of these can be communication between astronauts, and sending important data back to the Earth.


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