Disney+ is running successfully since its launch, but only to general Android and Mac users. It’s leaving Linux users from its ecosystem by making it’s streaming standards high and tough. Today, it’s found lowering them to allow participation of their fan base.

Launch of Disney Plus last month has garnered over 10 million subscribers on the first day alone. That’s enough popularity for the entertainment company, as it’s running successfully with hit shows as Simpsons, High School Musical etc. The Mandalorian with its Baby Yoda is swirling sweetly on every social media to garner even more fans every week.

Now You can Stream Disney+ On Linux Computers
Disney+ On Linux

Even with that hit, Disney is now serving Linux users as it restricted its DRM cores only to run on Android and iOS services. Every Linux user trying to watch those cool shows were shown Error Code 83, which is, their devices aren’t secure enough and compatible (as per DRM) to stream Disney Plus content.

What’s DRM?

Digital Rights Management is a kind of tool that restricts the access control of copyrighted content. This makes sure the original content isn’t freely pirated or distributed and artist/maker earns much out of his work. It’s more like a virtual lock that prevents copyrighted materials to be stolen. Though with good intent, everyone opines that it’s just making the legitimate users feel inconvenient in some cases and the copyrighted content is pirated anyway.

Since launch, Disney has set up it’s DRM Widevine settings to L1, which is the maxim restriction and needs device hardware to posses greater encryption to protect and access the content. Other platforms as Netflix, Amazon’s Prime, Hulu etc set L2 or L3 certifications which allows almost any device to stream their content.

Android and Mac devices to aren’t that strict. Though accessible, Netflix and other services would need L1 certified devices to stream their content in Full HD quality and basically lower quality things can be streamed on lower settings.

With that being said, Disney has found lowering their settings to let users access the content from Linux now. This revelation came from an insider of Disney Plus; Justin Garrison. He tweeted as,

With an active subscription as others, Linux users of Ubuntu and others can now stream Disney Plus content within their browsers by enabling the DRM settings. Check out.


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