NVIDIA has a special GeForce event on 1st September which will tease the details about its next-generation Graphics card. The company NVIDIA has released a short video which shows us a few glimpses of its upcoming new GPU designs.

NVIDIA Teases RTX 3090 Design

RTX 3090 design

As per the latest leaks, at the event in next week, NVIDIA will announce the RTX 3000 series including RTX 3080 and a flagship RTX 3090 card. In the video, the company shows up what will be an RTX 3090. And these details are the same which were leaked recently. It says that RTX 3090 will be sent with a pennant-shaped board and a new cooling shroud. In the video, the company mainly focuses on cooling, stating that it has redesigned its cooling solution and improved airflow.

The Leaks also suggests that the company is moving to a 12-pin connector. It is slimmer than using two 8-pin connectors, to which the company will include an adapter which is compatible with 8-pin cables.

The 12-pin connector is chosen to allow more space on the board for cooling and components. However, it is not clear if the third-party board partners will also use the same or not.

The video also mentions a new low-profile room for a back cover on the card and overall stronger mechanical structure. The pictures which are leaked recently say that RTX 3090 will have three slots, with 24GB of GDDR6X memory. It will act as the Titan top-of-the-line card for the latest generation.

Still, so many details about the Graphics Card is not yet out. We need to wait for the launch until next week for getting all the details. Even the price is not announced officially, but as per the rumours, the price of RTX 3090 might be $1400.


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