A bug throttling the Discord app on a PC with an Nvidia card has now been resolved with a new update from the GPU OEM.

Nvidia released an update to download the app profile of Discord that will solve this issue. This is specific to RTX 30 series cards, whereas the new-age RTX 40 series are not affected. Affected users can just open their PC to download the concerned update automatically.

Nvidia Bug Against Discord App

Since last week, many PC users have reported an unknown bug causing performance issues to their Discord app – especially after installing an app update to the systems running on Nvidia RTX 30 series GPUs.

Discord drops memory clock by 200 MHz on Nvidia cards after recent update. from nvidia

While it’s breaking down their experience, users rushed to install the Discord update anyway – since it brings support for the AV1 codec. With it, users with any RTX 40 series GPUs can stream their gameplay at up to 4K 60 FPS in Discord Nitro.

Well, though it’s offering a good experience for the RTX 40 series users, it broke down the RTX 30 series (3080 and 3060 Ti) – as many reported throttling issues for the Discord app. Some noted that the app performance dropped as much as 200Mhz, giving them an average performance in most games.

Well, Nvidia quickly noticed the bug and issued a temporary workaround. Users who’re following the workaround can safely switch to the reliable solution rolled out now – by installing the new app profile. Nvidia said the new update would be downloaded automatically once you log in to your PC.

It bars the RTX 30 series models from pushing their memory as fast as possible when the Discord app is open in the background, this controlling accordingly.


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