One of the members of XDA developers has forked an open-source back-up tool to create a modern one. Named as OAndBackupX, this was taken by a developer from the and backup, project, and redesigned with a new UI and features. It eliminates most of the older protocols of backing up the data and is open-sourced to be checked and used freely.

A Modern Tool For Backing up App Data

OAndBackupX: A New Open-source Android Tool for Data Backup

If you’re one of those who frequently switch between custom ROMs or simply switch phones occasionally, you might be needing a data backup app at hand. Since these softwares store and reload the data whenever wanted, users often look for reliable apps. While Titanium Backup or Migrate apps are mostly used, there’s now another app joining the user’s favorite list.

OAndBackupX, a project that’s re-created by an XDA member called Antonios Hazim (@Machiav3lli), is having a lot of improvements to be the new favorite. The developer has taken the codebase of OAndBackup, which was left the makers without any update since March 2019. Now, it’s fine-tuned to have the following modern features;

  • Backups here can be scheduled without any time limit on the number of schedules. Users can even create customized lists for backing up the installed apps.
  • While it still requires the rooting of the device, users can back-up individual apps and their data.
  • Restoring system apps is possible without any rebooting.
  • Backing up and restoring the data of individual apps is possible one at a time, or users can choose to backup and restore multiple programs in batch.

The new forked service is open-sourced, comes with modern UI, supports to handle split APKs, in-app backup encryption, and compatible with newer Android versions. Well, users should note that the developer hasn’t yet added support for Android’s Storage Access Framework, thus backing up the data from USB OTG or external SDCard is not supported yet.


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