Though OnePlus is making great sales of its new models, it’s still lacking some of the important premium features that are expected by users. With latest rumours surfacing throughout the internet, below features are expected to be added in OnePlus’s upcoming flagship, OnePlus 8 series.

While the world’s premium smartphone market is dominated by Samsung and Apple, OnePlus from China sneaked in with competitive prices and startled everyone. Ever since its inception, it has grown gradually and is now the most loved premium smartphone of users all over the world.

OnePlus 8 Features & Specifications:

OnePlus 8 Has Some Kick Out Features You will Love
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Yet, features like below are lacking even in its premiums and special editions. And all these four ingredients are expected to be added to OnePlus 8 series, soon.

1.) Camera: ToF Lens

OnePlus seems satisfied with the triple rear setup. And that’s okay. As adding extra lens without any functionality is of no use. OnePlus flagships are now having ultra-wide angular, telephoto, primary sensors, but not a ToF sensor. A Time-of-Flight sensor is already embedded into most of the premiums and does some cool jobs. It’s useful for hand gestures recognitions, object scanning and measuring distances. This additional lens is expected to be added in the camera department.

2.) Wireless Charging

This is may seem stupid. As every premium phone is enabling its devices to charge wirelessly, OnePlus has restrained itself not to. It’s solely depended on its wired Warp Charge all these days and now, at least for users, it would be implementing Wireless charging support in its upcoming model.

3.) Higher Screen Refresh Rate

The current flagship is already having and limited to 90Hz refresh rate. The screen refresh rates are important when processing heavy graphics, thus, smartphone gamers expect the high-end refresh rate possible as Xiaomi’s Black Shark II and Asus’s ROG Phone II, which is 120Hz.

4.) Punch Hole Displays

The display designs are evolving rapidly. From general thick bezels to ugly notches and now to punch-holes. OnePlus’s latest offering is designed as a notch (OnePlus 7 and 7T) and with Full View displays (OnePlus 7 Pro and 7T Pro). The upcoming is flagship is expected to be crafted in a punch-hole design, housing the front camera within.

While all these are rumours, for now, they all have surfaced in Twitter and Weibo with enough proofs to assure them being added in next flagship. Let’s hope so.

When Does OnePlus 8 Come Out?

Release date and price
The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro are expected to arrive sometime in the first half of 2020, likely May. According to Pocket Lint


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