Once again, OnePlus has leaked hundreds of users data accidentally. The Chinese smartphone company OnePlus has exposed hundreds of users email addresses while sending the mass mailer for a research study.

The company copied and pasted hundreds of email addresses in the “To” field, instead of putting the IDs in the “BBC” field. And this ended up in all the recipients of the research email in getting the email address of the customers.

OnePlus Accidentally Leaks Hundreds Of User’s Email IDs

OnePlus Accidentally Leaks Hundreds Of User's Email IDs

However, the exact number of customers affected is not known. But from the list, one of them told to Android Police that, there are hundreds of customers who were affected.

Last year, in November, OnePlus revealed a data breach where the information of the customers like name, number, email, and shipping address was exposed. At that time, OnePlus said, hackers, got access to old customer orders. The information which was exposed was name, numbers, emails, addresses, but not the passwords or any other financial details.

According to the reports, earlier OnePlus also reported the first security breach where the information of credit card of about 40,000 customers was leaked through the official website.


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