Google has just listed the OnePlus Nord as one of the YouTube Signature Devices, which mean it’s capable of giving users the best in class streaming experience. This standard is previously attained by many high-end phones, but Nord is first mid-ranger to attain this feat. Having next-generation features directed at giving qualitative streaming experience is how devices reach this badge.

OnePlus Nord Gives the Best YouTube Experience

Though all devices come with YouTube app pre-installed, not all can deliver the same experience. Streaming YouTube can vary depending on the dedicated video features the device has. In such a scenario, only the high-end from most OEMs are capable of having these said features.

YouTube in particular defined what it takes to certify a smartphone or a tablet as the best one to deliver streaming experience. It says the features as 360° video, DRM performance, high frame rate, 4K decoding, high dynamic range and next-generation codecs like VP9 should present in a device to have a rich YouTube experience.

Having said that, YouTube says that OnePlus Nord qualifies as a YouTube Signature Device, as it has all the required features to be eligible. This is the first mid-ranger from OnePlus, or among all OEMs to be qualified. Other OnePlus devices like current flagship OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, 7, 7T, 7 Pro, 6T and 6 are in the list too.

We felt OnePlus may comprise in display capabilities just like in processor for Nord, but maintained the same standards as it flagships. Other devices from Samsung, LG, Pixel, Mi, Huawei, Nokia etc are listed in the site, as they have the above-said features for the enriched streaming experience.



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