AutoHz, an app specifically designed for controlling the screen refresh rates for OnePlus handsets, now adds support to its latest OnePlus Nord. This was reported by the developer who pushed a new update in the PlayStore and says the OnePlus Nord users can now manually set their desired refresh rate to each app. It’s a paid app and available only for OnePlus users.

AutoHz Now Supports OnePlus Nord

Screen refresh rates are important if you’re playing a high-end game and need to see things updating faster. These real-time movements can give the player an added advantage over since they see the updated things slightly earlier than his rivals. But, it’s useless for every app where using it requires no faster frames.

Apps like YouTube or other content streaming or utility apps like phone, messages etc doesn’t need the screen to be of 90Hz or 120Hz. Thus, an app to control the default refresh rate accordingly is helpful. And there’s one – AutoHz. Made by Arter97 (Park Ju Hyung) from XDA developers, this app is exclusively for handsets running on OxygenOS, thus OnePlus devices.

Also, it’s even limited to high-end OnePlus phones like OnePlus 7 Pro, 7T, 7T Pro, 8, 8 Pro and now OnePlus Nord. The developer announced the addition of support to Nord via a tweet, where he said the new version (v2.1) of AutoHz pushed to Play Store supports OnePlus Nord. He also revealed phones running on Android 11 would also be supported: thus OnePlus 8 series running on Android 11 Open Beta 1 currently can use this.

Eligible users who are interested in trying out the app can download here and should go through a one-time process of ADB since it requires permissions to downgrade or upgrade the system’s default refresh rate settings to pre-set settings. You can follow the step-by-step instructions here for setting the ADB, after which, you can open the app and manually toggle access to each app.


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