The official announcement of the Oppo and OnePlus merger last week has risen various doubts in the community. These include hardware sharing, regarding the OS, supply chain, etc.

But one prominent question among all is the entity status of OnePlus, which is now cleared through a memo shared by a leaker. Based on it, OnePlus will be a subsidiary of Oppo but will function with full independence in most terms.

Oppo and OnePlus Merger Entity Status

OnePlus Will be a Subsidiary of Oppo After Merger, But to Function With Full Freedom

For a long, both Oppo and OnePlus have been under the same roof of BBK Electronics. These Chinese giants have so far strived well in the smartphone space and now decided to merge for better opportunities.

Last week, a forum post penned by OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau said “The deeper integration with Oppo, OnePlus would get more resources at hand to bring even better products for customers.

While this decision is made to benefit both the companies, OnePlus fans have risen several questions regarding the OS, distribution, company status, etc. After all, OnePlus has shaken the high-end Android handset segment with its budget premium smartphones.

Replying to fans, OnePlus last week clarified that OxygenOS remain intact despite the merger. The company is stuffing its in-house OxygenOS in all of its smartphones except those in China – where Chinese OnePlus use Oppo’s ColorOS.

Thus, integrating with Oppo triggered the overseas community for OS panic. Well now, a talking points memo used by OnePlus PR was shared by a leaker, where it clarified the OnePlus status as an entity.

In the shared memo, it’s decided that OnePlus will be a sub-brand of Oppo, but attain complete independence in its regular mechanism. Further, OnePlus current CEO and Oppo’s Chief Product Officer, Pete Lau will form the product strategies of both companies.

Oppo and OnePlus have already merged their Research and Development wings earlier and now merge in other business activities for better-combined output.


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