Are you tired of writing? Do you face difficulties while typing the text that was already published a long time ago? Technology has given us tools like OCR to make our work life more manageable. Optical Character recognition is the best electronic tool to convert any written text or document into easily readable text data.

It has helped people in improving their workflow efficiency. OCR identifies the text from images, scanned documents, and photos, save you from spending hours, and gives you a fresh and satisfying document.

OCR was introduced in the early 1990s and became available online as a cloud service. Since then, it has been the most popular tool to recognize images, documents and smoothly extracting identifiable data. There have been large implementations of OCR over the years. For example, in 1940, Otophone was invented; it helped blind people read texts with some practice.

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List of Best Online OCR Tools for Extracting Text from Image

Best Online OCR Tools

OCR has made it more than accessible ever by its many uses like recognition of data, handwriting to pen computing, information extraction from printed texts, etc. We can also use this software as a dictionary; it simply recognizes the word, cuts down the errors, and further catches the text.

OCR has become versatile enough to read the more complex text, handwriting, and printed materials in the current situation.

1. Soda PDF OCR

Soda PDF OCRNowadays, OCR is used everywhere; one can create pdfs with online and offline options by downloading the Soda Pdf desktop to computers. You can recognize text from multiple files by using a soda pdf. OCR can convert text in pdf documents to plain text that one can copy-paste and edit.

After completing the process, you can access your pdf by downloading it to your system. There are many options available, such as converting text to pdf, converting from pdf, converting images into readable texts, and managing pdf files.

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2. Online OCR

Online OCRIt allows you to convert scanned images, faxes, screenshots, PDF documents, and eBooks to text. It gives you options like Unlimited uploads, keeps your data safe and secure; you can download and edit the file in google docs and later on translate and publish the file online on websites.

Input and output file formats are available like JPEG, JFIF, PNG, GIF, BMP, PBM, PGM, PPM, PCX, and output file formats like Plain text (TXT), Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

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3. OCR Space

OCR SpaceBy using OCR, you can convert scan smartphone images or text documents into easily accessible files. It is free to use and keeps your data safe. There are four easy steps to follow: upload your file, start OCR, get the results, and check the overlay of the particular images/texts.

While you are uploading your files, keep in mind are not to upload images/pdf larger than 1MB if you are on the free plan; with the pro version, you can enhance your uploading limit. There are many supported OCR languages like Chinese, Japanese, German, English, etc. However, it can only process printed documents.

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4. Scanned PDF to Word Online

Scanned PDF to Word OnlineUploading scanned pdf files and converting word files to edit the document’s text is a time-saving way. OCR engine has its benefits of making your life’s easier. It provides you with an easy way to convert scanned pdf files into accessible documents with accurate text extraction.

There are no restrictions as they don’t ask for your email address for signing up. After conversion, they delete your files, so your files are safe also. It can work on any machine, so there is no need to install the tool for conversion.

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5. Convertio

ConvertioOCR is as simple as this word convertio is. Just upload the scanned documents and images and convert them into an easily readable file. You can choose different file formats like PDF, JPG, PBM, etc.

You can choose different languages and output settings according to your requirements. In the end, you can convert and download your file by clicking the recognizing button, and your file is ready to use.

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6. i2OCR

i2OCRi2OCR portal provides you the option to upload unlimited documents/images with no registration. You can edit and format the text from images by following the OCR functions. It can convert scanned books into searchable documents.

The Best thing about i2ocr is unlimited uploading & converting without any registration & fees. Moreover, more than 100+ recognition languages can enhance the output.

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7. Abbyy FineReader

Abbyy FineReaderIt’s a free website to convert any pdf, Image, or scanned document into a fully editable file. By choosing your document’s language, you can convert your files into MS word, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint and export your file to cloud storage, which is the best feature of Abby Finereader. In addition, it provides you 100 Mb Uploading limit, which is enough.

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8. Free OCR

Free OCRLooking for a Free tool for extracting texts from any images, then Free OCR is the one for you. It supports multiple language conversion. The maximum size limit is 7MB, which is quite enough because it only converts the first page, which is a drawback of this tool. But still, it’s worth using because it doesn’t need any registration for converting your file. With its simplicity, you’ll love to use this tool.

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9. New OCR – Free Online OCR

New OCR - Free Online OCRThis site looks super basic, and there are no additional features that distract you. Just go to the website, and you can see there is a browse button. Upload that images and click on the OCR button. Then it will extract the text from the image.

You can upload any time of text images to this site, and it will give you the raw text of that images that you can easily copy and use. You can convert JPEG, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIFF, PDF, DjVu to Text.

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10. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe Acrobat DCAdobe is one of the most popular OCR tools available in the market. Easily edit your scanned pdf with Adobe OCR advanced tools. In addition, Adobe provides you with a free trial, which you can use to check its functionalities.

The best thing about Adobe is that you can operate Adobe on multiple platforms like Mobile, Desktop, and web, which can help you enhance your productivity. We love Adobe because of its ease & advanced features. So it is Worthy to try.

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