In first of a kind partnership, the Associated Press has joined hands with OpenAI to use its technology to improve its experience, while the AI company is leveraging AP’s news content to train its models.

AP hopes to improve its search tool for its partners while OpenAI can get its hands on journal data legally. While these are the expectations, how this partnership turns out is yet to be seen. And if favourable, this could set a precedent for other AI companies to work with the existing business instead of wearing them out.

Associated Press X OpenAI

For a long time, we had the opinions of AI taking our regular jobs one day, but these were fuelled rapidly by the inception of ChatGPT – an AI chatbot made by OpenAI that can do most of the digital work for you. It’s so famous that it triggered the tech giants to make one for themselves, and they have been competing aggressively now.

Well, to stay ahead in the competition and be more suitable in the ecosystem, OpenAI is partnering with Associated Press to grow mutually, as per an announcement made this week. Both companies have entered a news-sharing deal – but that doesn’t mean OpenAI will deliver news like any other paper business.

Instead, the AI company will use AP’s extensive data to train its algorithmic models, which includes its news content and technology dating back to 1985. This may help the future iterations of ChatGPT to improve its efficacy and be more rewarding to the users.

Associated Press, on the other hand, will have access to OpenAI’s proprietary technology to better its reporting process. The news publisher has long relied on automation technology for filing news reports, which has much to improve. Some include crafting earnings reports, coverage of local sporting events, and other article types.

May OpenAI’s backend technology help AP ease these processes while also improving the search tool – which newsrooms use to find relevant photos, videos and stories.