Right after fixing the fingerprint sensor issues of Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, Google seems to be having yet another one coming – in the form of Pixel 6a.

A prominent YouTuber and a news outlet reviewed the Pixel 6a and found that the handset can be unlocked with unregistered fingerprints! This is aside from the sluggish unlocking experience they face in the Pixel 6a. Although, it’s limited to some units of the same device.

Pixel 6a Fingerprint Sensor Issues

Google’s latest flagship smartphone – The Pixel 6 series, is hyped enough to be the best bet in the premium Android category. While it’s good in most cases, several users reported fingerprint scanner issues with the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro initially.

Most complained that it’s sluggish – taking more time to recognize and unlock the device than other premium smartphones. While others blamed it for ignoring the fingerprint altogether. Though Google passed a number of updates to fix this, it achieved limited success.

This led the company to take several measures to prevent such issues from appearing in Pixel 6a, but it failed! As several reviewers noted, the Pixel 6a has some serious fingerprint scanner problems that are even bigger than the original Pixel 6 handsets.

Firstly, YouTuber Geekyranjit and tech news outlets Beebom and XDA found that the in-display fingerprint scanner in Pixel 6a is sluggish. But what Geekyranjit and Beebom depicted was even more strange – Pixel 6a is unlocking with unregistered fingerprints!

While the YouTuber demonstrated it in his video, Beebom produced evidence for this issue. Although, XDA developers and Android Police haven’t seen this problem arise in their review units. This leads us to believe that only some Pixel 6a handsets were faulted, which may be based on the regions.

Hopefully, Google patches this before the device reaches the early buyers.


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