Many institutions and companies are stepping up to offer their support in various means. Pluralsight is one such platform, which started to offer its entire 7,000+ technology courses library for free to new subscribers, throughout April. This is to ensure people restricted to home may learn desired technical skills and spend their time valuable. New users who haven’t signed up for Pluralsight to date, can now register and enroll in their courses.

Though authorities restrict you to homes, you can still sneak out. But that’s not desired, at all. So companies, NGOs and many institutions are trying them best to aware people of potential risks of getting out and even offering some free things to let them stay at home. One such offering is the Pluralsight, an online video courses platform which just announced to make its entire library free throughout the April month.

Pluralsight Offers Free Tech Courses
Pluralsight Offers Free Tech Courses

As a New Social Contest

Under the tag of #FreeApril, Pluralsight is organizing a social contest that would let any new subscriber sign up for their platform and access over 7,000+ technology courses for free. This was announced by the company’s co-founder and CEO, Aaron Skonnard. He made a video on Twitter saying “We’re all in this together. We’re making all of our 7,000+ expert-led video courses FREE for the entire month of April. No catches, no credit card required.” He even said to be excited to see what people would pick for learning.

And as he said, you don’t need to submit any cards for signing up. Registering is pretty easy too, as it follows the same general procedure of submitting an email address and password for registering. Then you’d be given a link to activate your account and directs you to courses library.
There are at least 10+ courses for each technology base like JavaScript, Angular, Python, C#, etc.

An important thing to note here is, the free access would last only till the end of April, which is 30th April 2020. After that, you may be restricted to free access and be asked for regular commercial signup. So it’s advised to complete any of those courses you enroll by the end of this month.

Sign-up here: Pluralsight


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