Since Snapchat emerged as one of the leading social media platforms, it has introduced many features to remain relevant to the times. Throughout its journey, it has also introduced various abbreviations and terms, which are hugely popular now.

However, out of the many terms, PMO is one of the most frequently used terms on Snapchat. If you’re confused about what PMO means, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn what does PMO mean on Snapchat.

The person-to-person instant message-sharing app is widely popular among younger people, who often prefer expressing themselves briefly using short terms. That’s why abbreviations come in handy. So without further delay, let’s start.

What Does PMO Mean on Snapchat

Although PMO is more prevalent after excessive usage on social media platforms, the slang usually existed in the corporate and business world. Apart from Snapchat, it also has uses in politics and management.

Not only on Snapchat but also on TikTok, PMO is a popular abbreviation. However, its meaning is not the same on every platform. Regardless of the situation, it expresses different meanings in different contexts in social media apps like Snapchat, TikTok, and Instagram.

While using such terms is really easy and don’t have to type a whole sentence to show our emotions and thoughts, therefore, using slang is increasing on instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, and Discord.

In other contexts like Business, Management, and Politics, PMO indicates completely different things. So it’s important to learn about the meaning and usages. When it comes to using the terms on Snapchat, it becomes mandatory to have clear meanings for them.

Generally, these are the two common expressions that PMO means on Snapchat.

  • PMO as Put Me On.
  • PMO as Pisses Me Off.

As we’re already familiar with the meaning. Now the time has come to know the context of each meaning. Along with PMO, GTS is also a commonly used slang, here you can learn what does GTS mean on Snapchat to use it more often with others.

PMO as Put Me On

PMO stands for Put Me On, on Snapchat, is slang that is very easy to understand, much like eating a snack.

However, PMO as Put Me On used to make a connection with others, while you can ask for information about someone to make a connection. Here’s an example, Bobby, will you PMO about the new footballer of the club?”

PMO, Put Me On, is also used to ask for followers on Snapchat. Rather than wasting time on writing and expressing through a sentence. Just use PMO like this, “Hey Luicy, could you PMO with Alex? “

Even it can be used to ask for information about a particular. Suppose you’re new to a city, and looking for a cardio gym center, thus you can use PMO to express your feeling in short. Here it is, “I am new to the city, Is anyone PMO the best cardio gym center in Texas?”

PMO as Pisses Me Off

On the other hand, PMO is known as Pisses Me Off. When a Snapchat user shows anger and frustration over anything, then PMO will be considered as Pisses Me Off. And it’s astonishingly popular among young users to show frustration.

Suppose, you’re in a restaurant eagerly waiting for dishes for a long time to satisfy your appetite. And usually, restaurants often delay providing food. However, we can use PMO as Pisses Me Off to let out the anger. “Nothing PMO more than waiting endlessly for hours to get ordered food!”

Even if someone is annoying for a while, you can use PMO to get rid of them. Here is another example of PMO.

I think I should use the cycle to go to the office, but the traffic pisses me off (PMO). Just like this, PMO as Pisses Me Off on Snapchat used to express anger.

Final Words

PMO is a commonly used term on social media nowadays. Snapchat is a centric medium where these terms are even more popular?

However, that’s everything you need to know what PMO means on Snapchat. In case, if you have doubts or questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section.


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