Snapchat is a bit different than any other social media; thus, finding new terms or slang every new day is quite common. Its users love to use different acronyms and abbreviations to express their emotions in short.

There are many widely-popular acronyms, and GTS is mainly used in Snapchat. Therefore, knowing what GTS means on Snapchat becomes mandatory to use further.

Since Snapchat users are mostly 18 to 24, this slang is used more often than you imagine. However, it’s enjoyable to use, reduces typing time, and is very straightforward to express.

What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat

I was researching the acronym and learned that ‘GTS’ is known as ‘Go to sleep.’ Furthermore, this abbreviation is not only used on Snapchat, but you can also see it on many other social media platforms.

But it has different meanings on different platforms. And each acronym is used in a different context.

What Does GTS Mean on Snapchat

However, it’s a bit more confusing what GTS means without context. For example, GTS is known as Global Title Service in the telecommunication industry. And automotive industry it’s also referred to as Grand Touring Sports.

Likewise, you can see this term in the Pokemon game, which is used as Global Trading System. Other than that, Gas Turbine Shine is another phrase used as GTS.

However, these abbreviation is not popular as Snapchat. In Snapchat, GTS is very popular, and people must know about it to use it more efficiently. Here is the meaning of GTS on Snapchat.

  • Good times
  • Going to sleep
  • Go to sleep

So far, we have learned about the meaning. Next, we will see the context and when to use it.

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GTS as Good Times on Snapchat

Understanding GTS as Good Time on Snapchat is as simple as eating pie. Whenever we have good times – be it as vacation or something, GTS always stands for Good Time when you have a joyful moment to share with your close.

For example, you’re on top of the Burj Khalifa with your best friend or enjoying Bali beach – everything is about having good times. Thus, we will use GTS as a Good time to express our mood here.

GTS as Going To Sleep on Snapchat

GTS, as Going To Sleep, is also straightforward to understand. This term is popular among other social media, apart from Snapchat only.

Generally, we feel tired and need to sleep; we use these terms on Snapchat in conversation with our loved ones. It’s way better than writing anything else.

So whenever you think you need to sleep, you can simply use GTS as Going To Sleep. However, they will respond accordingly. However, these terms come in handy when you express yourself in short.

GTS as Go To Sleep on Snapchat

Here is another one, and very similar to the previous GTS meaning. One is Going to Sleep, and another is Go To Sleep – you can spot the difference without hassle.

So, Going To Sleep is expressing you are going to sleep. While Go To Sleep indicates requesting to go to sleep.

Depending on your situation, you can use GTS to tell go to sleep instead using any other sounds. However, GTS is more likely formal and updated terms that you can use.

On the other hand, I am tired, I am getting off, and I feel sleepy is also quite good to use, but GTS can express everything in short.

GTS as Great Times on Snapchat

GTS as a Great Time is an abbreviation that millions use. It is used to wrap up the conversation in a positive.

Suppose you have had a super time with a friend on Snapchat. And both of you want to stop chatting. You can use GTS to sign off there, which shows you have a great time speaking with them.

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GTS as Going Through Shit on Snapchat

This is very interesting to use. Going Through Shit is another GTS meaning people often use Snapchat and other social media.

You had a bad day at the office, so if you want to express your day briefly to your Snapchat friend, use GTS, as simple as that.

GTS as Google That Shit on Snapchat

GTS also means Google That Shit on Snapchat. For example, let’s say someone has asked a weird question to you. If you are furious to answer it, you can use GTS, which indicates Google That Shit.

Final Words

That’s everything you need to know about what GTS means on Snapchat. I hope you find this post helpful and useful to you. If you have any questions, let us know in the comment sections.


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