Observing the ongoing lawsuit, PrimeWire is preparing for its survival after the potential takedowns from rights holders.

A group of movie studios has earlier filed a lawsuit against PrimeWire, alleging the pirate operations the platform is serving. As they have now obtained the preliminary injunction for seizing the active PrimeWire domains, the pirate site’s operators have started advertising a new indexing portal for its survival later.

A New PrimeWire Site For Status Check

PrimeWire is one of the popular pirate sites serving copyrighted content, for almost free. As it turns into a headache for the copyright holders, several movie studios, viz Paramount, Universal, Warner, Columbia, Disney, and Netflix have filed a lawsuit against PrimeWire in the US, last month.

Though notice was served to PrimeWire operators for appearing before the court, they haven’t responded yet, and are most likely not to show up ever. Thus, as a general court procedure in the US, the rightsholders are granted the basic initial demands they had asked for.

This is to obtain a preliminary injunction for seizing the active domains of PrimeWire, from its registrars like API Gmbh, Gandi SAS, Namecheap, Inc., Nic AG, SWITCH, and Afilias, Inc. As of now, there are three active domains of PrimeWire, viz accessible via primewire.li, primewire.ag and primewire.vc.

As the domain seizure is imminent, PrimeWire operators in the dark have readied their survival weapon – a new status check page for official PrimeWire sites. The new domain – PrimeWireStatus.org was registered on January 11th, 2022, and is being advertised on the top of current PrimeWire sites.

Primewire Status

To seem neutral and fair, the operators of the new website wrote;

“PrimeWireStatus.org does not promote or provide any hyperlinks to any other website. The sole purpose of PrimeWireStatus.org is to relay signed PGP messages that have been sent to us.”

Aside from the main purpose of informing people about active PrimeWire domains, this new site is tasked with providing official (PGP signed) updates from the PrimeWire operators, and bar copycat sites from stealing the downtime of PrimeWire sites.


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