Coronavirus is everywhere. While few were affected and killed, the rest are fighting and praying to avoid it. While we see its real impact on health, the indirect impact on industries is evident now. Gaming console makers Microsoft and Sony could delay the supply of their consoles citing Coronavirus. As most of their console production happens in China, it now wonders the new-gen Xbox and PlayStation being delayed by weeks or even months.

Delay due to outburst

The masterpieces, PS5 and Xbox Series X are made up of higher SSDs, Ray-tracing tech, 4K/8K gaming support, 120Hz refresh rates etc. Though the PS5 specs aren’t made official yet, Xbox gave its preview already. But both these machines will be making their way to market slower than expected.

PS5 and Xbox Series X launch Could Be Delayed Citing Coronavirus
Image via Game Revolution

Daniel Ahmad, a video gaming industry analyst says that over 96% of the gaming consoles production of Nintendo, Xbox and PlayStation happens in China only. Now it’s no wonder expecting the delays. The production targets will be extended due to temporary manufacturing shutdowns and results in delaying the supply weeks or even months.

New reports tell the Coronavirus isn’t stopping anytime soon. Many companies as Apple, Google, Microsoft has announced their pausing plans in China. Two biggest manufacturers, Foxconn and Pegatron have their factories shut, which stopped S
smartphone manufacturing for a while.

Besides, amongst current gaming consoles in the market, handheld device, Nintendo’s Switch is the most popular one. But it too will face the same fate an Xbox and PlayStation. Either they will be delaying the whole production for a while or supply a limited number of unit to fulfil the initial demand. Either of the act is bad news for the fans, who awaited months for their launch.


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