The current season 13 of PUBG Mobile is set to end of July 12th, and everyone’s excited what the next season will be bringing to the game. But even before the official announcement, a YouTuber has uploaded a video claiming to be the trailer of the upcoming season 14 Royal Pass. The video shows the new Livik map, weapons, and vehicles.

Season 14 Royal Pass Trailer Leaked

PUBG is so popular that fans flock around every leaks and rumor. While all cannot be true, some with close attributions can. Here’s one such leak of a trailer, posted by a YouTuber through his channel, Mr. Ghost Gaming. The video spanning over one minute gives us a glimpse of the upcoming season’s environment. It starts with a Mad Max Fury like a car, which has players with new customers.

Moving on, this upcoming season would be a new map called Livik, which was only available for players/developers in closed beta til date. This was also confirmed to be coming in the latest PUBG Mobile’s update of 0.19.0 version. And with a new season, it’s inevitable. The map consists of Egyptian landscapes and players wearing new costumes, weapons, skins, and headgear.

As reported by BGR, the new map seems to be small, probably 2×2km length, and is expected to bring some tight action. Further, there’s a notice of new weapons like P90 SMG and SPAS-12 shotgun. New vehicles like Buggy Bike, UAZ, Monster Truck, etc are available to cruise through the rough lands. There’s even a Yamaha bike set touted to become. The new Livik map is scheduled to be launched on July 7th, in version 0.19.0.

As per the video, the trailer shows several rewards and scenes depicted from season 14’s Royal Pass. Though PUBG Mobile developers didn’t reveal the actual date, it’s expected to launch soon after the S13’s end, which is on July 12th.


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