Tencent made a battle royale game, PUBG is all set to launch the new season on May 7th this year. And this new version or season 13, will have a bunch of new features joining the game. Some are, editing your gun crafts, gaining back lost points if proved to be killed by cheaters, a new mode called Bluehole, extra scope, and sandstorms in existing maps. These are mentioned in the release notes of version 0.18.0. Let’s dive into more explanations of what these are;

PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0
PUBG Mobile Update 0.18.0

Bluehole Mode

This will be having two zones as inner and outer in the Erangel map, where the inner zone is the next safe zone. And players would be losing health when the stay inside as long as the outer zone is present.

P90 in Arena Mode

A new SMG gun named P90 will be available in the games next update, which uses all SMG attachments like 1x-6x scopes, Laser Sight, and fires 9mm rounds.

Canted Sight

A new close-ranged scope will be introduced in the new update, which can be attached to almost all types of weapons like shotguns, submachine guns, sniper rifles, most assault rifles, light machine guns.

Jungle Adventure in Sanhok

This new classic content will be really thrilling. You wouldn’t know that you’d be running into a jungle adventure mode while searching for a match in Sanhok, and if you got in, you should deal with it anyway. You can have hot-balloon rides throughout the map and may find totems which could give you random gifts. Finally, there’s also a mention of having some jungle food that may bless you with cool powers! Isn’t that exciting?

Regaining Points lost due to cheaters

PUBG is taking the cheaters games seriously now, as it would be giving back your lost points if found that you’re killed by a cheater. This takes a little time after the match is being completed, and will justify accordingly.

In-built Scope for Win94

This new update brings an in-built scope option for Win94 gun, which has a range of 2.7x. This lets players not to scramble for limited scopes and loots. And to note, this will be available in Miramar only.

Guncraft Finishes

Players can now customize their guns in terms of pattern, color, and emblem with the new weapon system.

New Miramar

We’ve seen this already in the trailer of Mad Miramar, where a bunch of new visuals is coming in this update. We can experience Sandstorms, Oasis, Ruins, and new race tracks in the city.

Though most of the features will be seen instantly on updating, some additionals like Bluehole, jungle adventure, Gun-crafting will be found a little later after the update.


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