PUBG has banned a player for using illicit tricks in the game. This caused the victim to roar in the community asking for help, but PUBG denied lifting the ban as they firmly believe he cheated. The makers have even made a video explaining the cheater’s method and asked the community to be aware of such tricks.

PUBG has grown into one of the best Battle Royale games very soon. The game’s been played among millions spread across tens of countries. Apparently, there are numerous chances some could be tricking with cheats and gaining an unfair advantage in the game. But PUBG has been overwatching such acts to flag players of misconduct and ban them as punishment. Here’s a player got banned for 10 years for tricking the game.

A video to explain things

Tencent Inc. along with PUBG released a video explaining the cheater’s trick. The video seemed dramatic, but should be watched. At first, the team has received many complaints about the player for suspicious activity, but when checked by the team, he seemed fine.

PUBG Player Tricked Game as Connection Error and Banned for 10 Years
PUBG Player Tricked Game as Connection Error and Banned for 10 Years

This continued until they found suspicious at the end of the game. The player was doing normally most of the game, but at the end, he’s switching phones to gain undetected kills. This happens if the player switches mobile, tricking the server that he’s facing poor connection but logged into the second phone and having killing spree. Immediately, he switches back to his main phone and ends the game with illicit kills.

This was observed by PUBG team and eventually banned his account for 10 years! This led him a shout-out in community forums asking for help, but PUBG has already collected the evidence and warned users of such activities. PUBG has a team actively monitoring for abnormal games. by their group named Project Ban Pan.

On this incident, Tencent responded as, “Approximately 95% of violations are punished by real-time banning by security system automatically, while players can also report any suspicions to build a larger software database, which also helps with imposing offline punishment. Outside of the game, the PUBG Mobile Safety Station website offers a place for players to report suspicious behaviour more effectively and verify that punishments have been handed out as a result of their joint efforts.”


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