From the latest rankings of the TIOBE index, it’s found that Java and C are declining in their popularity. Also, the next big thing, Python is becoming more popular and is expected to cross Java to become the second most popular programming language soon. While this may harm Java’s position, it remains strong with over 69% of full-time developers using today.

Python May Rank About Java Soon

Python Programming Language (Image via Pexels)

For long, C and Java have been the most popular programming languages, settling in first and second positions. These two are followed by C++, C#, Visual Basic, JavaScript, PHP, R, and SQL, as per TIOBE’s Index in October 2020.

The TIOBE Index ranks the programming languages’ popularity by surveying from various courses, software engineers, and third-party vendors worldwide. Under this, the latest rankings reveal that Java has declined in its popularity by 4.32% points, reaching an all-time low when compared to October 2019.

Also, the third-ranked Python has hit an all-time high of 11.28% in the same period. And popularity points between these two languages is less than 1.3%, endangering the position of Java by Python. With this rise, Python may soon replace Java in popularity rankings.

Well, declining in popularity doesn’t make it extinct, just yet. After all, Java is still being used by over 69% of full-time developers today. Thus, it may be dropped from the checklist of go-to languages new developers should have. Declining at the rate of 3.81% year-by-year us troubling though.

Oracle, Java’s current guardian has to reinvent the language to make it more interesting and productive. The Python is used extensively by data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts. Unless Oracle comes up with an idea to protect Java, it may soon be replaced by newer alternatives like Rust and Kotlin.


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