RARGB, one of the mainstream torrent sites serving the pirate society for a long time, is now dead! The site admins have unanimously voted to shut down the site for both personal and financial reasons this week.

People relied on RARGB for their piracy needs are warned to be cautious of the potential copycats, serving malware and fake links. RARGB’s demise includes its dedicated torrent site and the tracker list, affecting millions relying on its services.

Death of a Notable Pirate – RARGB

On a static HTML page, the RARGB team said they’re shutting down the site for good. They noted the past 2 years have been really difficult for them to work, with some of them dying from COVID and others still suffering from its complications. Further,

“Some are also fighting the war in Europe – ON BOTH SIDES. Also, the power price increase in data centers in Europe hit us pretty hard. Inflation makes our daily expenses impossible to bare.”

Thus, after a unanimous vote, they decided not to work further. This resulted in both the torrent site and their associated tracker site being pulled down and also affecting the relying services. To the unknown, RARGB is more than just a torrent link site.

The site’s URLs are being used by hundreds of other platforms, which included direct download sites, streaming portals, Telegram groups, and Sonarr – all go null! And people already looking for alternatives, be sure what you’re downloading and from where.

RARGB’s demise will quickly be leveraged by copycats, who may host genuine or fake links, leading to malware sometimes. Several reports reveal how copycats have exploited the fame of other pirate sites and the urge of people to want popular content right after their release. Thus, be aware.


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