In its 45th annual general meeting held today, Reliance Jio announced fresh spending of $25 billion on the rollout of its 5G services in India.

The company plans to do so in all the major cities by this October. To connect 100 million households with its 5G network, Jio telecom has also announced a new AirFiber – a wireless device for radiating 5G signals, typically a hotspot.

Jio 5G Plans in India

Since its inception in 2016, the Reliance-led Jio telecom has been a pioneer in the industry. Over the years, it amassed more than 421 million subscribers and is the No.1 telecom in India today. And after buying the 5G airwaves for a whopping $11.13 billion in India, Jio is gearing up to establish the 5G network across the subcontinent soon.

At its AGM today, the chairperson of Reliance Jio – Mukesh Ambani, said they’re allocating a $25 billion budget for extending its 5G network to “every town” in India by the end of 2023. He further detailed that they would deploy a standalone 5G architecture in the concerned areas instead of using the existing 4G network.

Promising a superior performance with that plan, they intend to connect 100 million homes with its 5G network by the time period. Further, he announced JioAirFiber – a wireless device acting as a 5G hotspot to reach homes. This could be used in remote areas where reaching with fiber is hard.

Reliance Jio has already had Meta and Google as its major investors and partnerships with Qualcomm, Microsoft, and others to better technological searches in India. For example, it’s developing 5G solutions in association with Qualcomm to be used both in India and for other countries.

Whereas with Meta, Jio is working on immersive technology and metaverse. With Google, Jio is making ultra-affordable 5G smartphones and also bringing the Google Cloud to India. And finally, with Microsoft, Jio is working to bring Office 365 and other solutions to small businesses.


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