Looking to Know How you can easily remove password from any PDF file? Then Check It out. PDF is a widespread file format to store documents. Sometimes we have a password-protected pdf file and we need to access that file again and again. So it is frustrating to enter a password repeatedly. You can remove the password from the pdf to access that pdf file with a single click.

All you need is a program like Adobe Acrobat DC, Google Chrome PDF viewer, etc. So, if you also find it challenging to remove a password from a PDF, then make sure to follow the methods given below. Therefore, now without any further ado, let’s start with the guide.

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Methods to Remove Password From a PDF

We are always falling into a situation where we are frustrated entering passwords. But, now no require to worry because here we have mentioned all the necessary details that you can mark on your notebook so that you can use them further to unlock your File. Therefore, let’s see them:

1. Use Adobe Acrobat DC

You can use Adobe Acrobat DC to unlock your password-protected PDF files. So, let’s see how you can utilize this software:

  1. First of all, open the Adobe Acrobat DC on your device.
  2. After that, locate and click on the Open File button. Additionally, you can browse your computer files from My Computer located in the right menu.browse password protected pdf file
  3. Then, browse your File and hit the open option. Now, enter the password and hit the Ok button.enter the password and hit enter
  4. After that, Locate Tools and follow the path: Protect > Encrypt > Remove Security.Locate Tools and follow the path: Protect > Encrypt > Remove Security
  5. Now, on the next window, click on the No Security, then hit the Ok button. After that, if you ask for confirmation, again hit the Ok button.choose no security in security settings
  6. Then, click on the File and hit the Save button to save the File.

2. Use a PDF Viewer Like Google Chrome

Now, in case you do not have the Adobe Acrobat DC, then you must go with the PDF Viewer. So, let’s take a look at how you can use the PDF Viewer to remove the password:

  1. Initially, open Google Chrome, and click on the File followed by Open File. (You can also right-click on the password-protected PDF file and Open it with Chrome browser in windows)open password protected pdf file with chrome
  2. Then, browse your File and hit the open option. Now, enter the password and hit the Submit button.type the password and hit the Submit button
  3. Then, tap on the Print button from the top right of the page. Now, select the Destination option.Print button - select destination as save as pdf
  4. Finally, select the Save as PDF and click on the Save button. Then, if you ask for a location to save a PDF file after selecting the destination again click on the Save button.save a new pdf file without password

That’s it. Now, you have removed the password from a PDF file. We hope you find the methods mentioned above helpful. So, that’s all from our side. But, if you have any questions, comment below. 


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