After rocking up the cable TV connections, Roku is now expanding into the other smart home devices space by launching new products.

As spotted by a Reddit user on a Walmart website, Roku has a handful of smart home gadgets like bulbs, light strips, and security cameras – all seem to be white-label gadgets from Wyze. While we wait for more information, Roku is yet to confirm these products.

Roku Smart Home Devices

Roku is usually known for its digital media players, but the company is hoping to expand into other categories – like smart home gadgets. In this pursuit, a Reddit user spotted a bunch of smart home products from Roku – seeming to be white-label products from Wyze.

Not sure if anyone really cares, found some unannounced stuff the other day. from Roku

The listed products include Roku white and colored smart bulbs, a Roku light strip, Roku smart plug, Roku indoor and outdoor security cams, and a Roku panning cam – looking exactly like the Wyze’s Cam v3, Cam Pan V2, Bulb Color, and other products.

The pricing of these products is yet to be known, and we hope they to be relatively cheaper or equal to Wyze’s offerings. For example, Wyze’s Cam Pan V2 is listed at $34, while the Wyze Bulb Color is priced at $23, relatively cheaper than Nest or Philips smart home products.

Though Roku may leverage Wyze’s physical design, it’s making its own Smart Home channel and a dedicated mobile app to manage all these connected products.

Well, with the growing number of offerings, there’s a growing need for securing the data coming from them too. IoT companies are often criticized for leaking customer data in a number of ways. And Wyze had its own complaints from the past, including a data breach from 2019 and allegations of not addressing a security flaw in their smart home camera.


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