At its event of Foundry Forum 2022, Samsung announced its roadmap for the development of next-generation NAND chips, GDDR7 video cards, and other memory chips.

Some of the prominent ones among them is the company entering the 1bnm process stage of producing its memory chips, with native speeds of 6.4-7.2Gbps. Also, Samsung said the world’s first 1Tb TLC V-NAND will be coming to users later this year.

Samsung Announcements on Memory Chips

Samsung’s memory business is as important as its electronics business, powering most of the company’s revenue in recent quarters. Lately, the company announced a clear roadmap of its future developments in the memory industry at the company’s Foundry Forum 2022 event.

As per it, the company will enter the 1bnm process stage in 2023, with the memory chip capacity reaching 24Gb (3GB) – 32Gb (4GB) at native speeds of 6.4-7.2Gbps. Further, the company plans to launch the DDR6 memory in 2026 and have a 10Gbps speed chip coming in 2027.

Samsung also talked about the next generation of video memory – GDDR7, hinting that the next flagship video cards from AMD and Nvidia to come in this standard. And then there’s the roadmap for its flash memory, with V9 NAND chips expected in 2024.

Samsung said its ninth-generation V-NAND is under development and will enter mass production by 2024. And by 2030, the company hopes to stack more than 1,000 layers of NAND to better support future data-intensive technologies and promised to bring the world’s first 1Tb TLC V-NAND to customers by the end of this year.

Finally, the company claims to be the leader in DRAM and NAND chips throughout the past decades while also developing a fifth–generation 10nm-class (1b) DRAM and the eighth- and ninth-generation vertical NAND (V-NAND) aside. All these announcements put Samsung on top of the chip industry.


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