Lapsus$, a cybercriminal gang that earlier dumped the senstive data of Nvidia, has now published Samsung’s too!

As per reports, the Lapsus$ group initially posted screenshots of what data it had and then published source code belonging to Samsung’s biometric unlocking technologies and other algorithms. This is said to affect Galaxy devices seriously if exploited. Currently, the senstive data leaks are available in torrents too, with over 400 peers actively sharing them.

Samsung’s Senstive Data Leaked

Last week, the Lapsus$ gang was in the news for hitting and leaking data of graphics giant Nvidia. And now, it’s once again triggering the cybercrime community with a dump of Samsung! According to various reports that confirmed the existence of leak in the dark web by the Lapsus$ group.

The gang has initially posted screenshots of Samsung’s code online, and later it detailed from where it extracted the data – naming Samsung’s servers. Soon, Lapsus$ published the whole source code of Samsung’s in compressed files, worth over 190GB!

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This is now freely available on the internet, with people torrenting the leaked files all over. As of now, it’s said to have over 400 peers actively sharing the sensitive information of Samsung, and Lapsus$ even claimed it would boost the download speeds by adding servers.

The leaked data include algorithms and other confidential data related to Samsung’s biometric unlocking technology, source code of the bootloader for newer Galaxy flagships devices and even secretive data with Qualcomm.

This could let an attacker authorize and authenticate Samsung accounts, thus dangerous. Samsung acknowledged this leak and said it was an investigation of the incident. While an official announcement of the hack is awaiting from Samsung, the Lapsus$ group hasn’t made any ransom demands yet.


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