Samsung has announced SmartThings Labs, a new beta-like program under its SmartThings to let users try out the experimental features. These include features used to control the IoT devices in our home. Users can provide feedback to makers to shape them accordingly. It’s available to Android users in the US and South Korea.

Samsung SmartThings Program

Just as any other developer do, Samsung has set its own beta type program called SmartThings for its IoT future. Under this initiative, the company has announced SmartThings Labs, where it will allow users to try out some features even before they’re released.

These experimental smart features include turning off the lights when there’s no motion detected in the room, or using dimming lights to wake up gently and others being controllable using a universal remote in your phone. It’s a concept of virtual switches and using AI, your pre-set functions will work automatically to make your day easy.

All of these features required compatible devices to be work with, and since experimental, they may be removed or altered without any notice. Samsung is expecting users to provide feedback on every use of these features, to improve them accordingly and as good for everyone.

It said, “We are committed to enhancing our user experience and SmartThings Labs allows users to be actively engaged in our testing process, providing valuable feedback for our engineers.” Further, “The goal is to allow SmartThings users to enjoy useful and practical features, which may join the commercial SmartThings app one day,” said Jaeyeon Jung, Samsung’s Electronics Corporate VP.

Involving the community is good for all since the maker gets more about their preferences and the users get more crafted services. If you’re interested in trying this out, install the SmartThings app from Playstore and go to the menu and select SmartThings Labs in the SmartApps section. As of now, it’s only available for Android users in the U.S. and South Korea.


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