Years after thinking and months after teasing, Samsung is finally bringing cloud games to its Smart TVs. This support was unveiled at the CES event this year.

As per it, Samsung is bringing a new “Gaming Hub” app in Smart TVs, where customers can play cloud games from Nvidia’s GeForce Now, Google’s Stadia, and Utomik. There is no word on this feature coming to other and prior Samsung devices yet, and at what quality the games can be played.

Cloud Gaming on Samsung TVs

Samsung Brings Cloud Gaming Support From Nvidia & Google to Smart TVsThough hardcore gamers are pressing on having high-end hardware for good gaming, we see a steady move of players trying and liking the cloud gaming platforms like Google Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce Now. But, they’re only playable on the latest web browsers, and still possess dedicated game controllers.

Removing all these barriers, Samsung announced a fleet of new Smart TVs in this year’s CES event, which support cloud gaming from various platforms like Google and Nvidia. As per Samsung, select Smart TVs from today’s launch will come with an app called “Samsung Gaming Hub”, which houses apps like Stadia, Utomik, and GeForce Now.

In sample pictures, Samsung showcased embedding these cloud gaming apps in the Apps section, and also sponsored section for advertising games. Further, there’s Samsung’s AI Gaming technology to understand your preferences and recommend curated games.

All of this support will be available in select Smart TVs of Samsung announced today, and there’s no timeline shared by the company on when it comes to prior models. The maker only assured that they will expand the services to other devices, so we can expect cloud gaming to come to Samsung phones too, soon.

Samsung and LG have earlier fought for bringing cloud gaming to TVs but later dumped the idea. And now, they’re fighting again. Samsung also said that it supports controller gaming for HDMI-based consoles, so you can use the same controllers for both consoles like PS and Xbox, and cloud platforms like Stadia and Utomik.


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